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Larch Park’s Homeowners Association is important to this Southwest Edmonton community’s future. It provides the social, financial and legal means necessary to maintain the many extra amenities that make living here enjoyable.

Your active support helps ensure the value(s) of Larch Park.


2022 Community Maintenance

Magenta Progreen have been awarded the maintenance contract for the 2022 Season.


The HOA areas will be maintained regularly However, from time-to-time there may be an area that is overlooked. If you come across an area identified under the HOA responsibilities in need of attention, please contact


The City of Edmonton Parks department role is to maintain, groom and address residents’ concerns and enquiries regarding the parks, green spaces, playgrounds and pathways within Larch.  Please contact the City Of Edmonton directly for the correct updates or to report any areas of concern to 311 or on the 311 app. Please see their website for more info.


The maintenance responsibilities of the HOA & The City of Edmonton are available on the website. Neighbourhood Maintenance: Who is Responsible? (

2022 AGM Results & Updates

2022 AGM 

We are without doubt continuing to live through unprecedented levels of uncertainty and learning new ways of handling the challenges that the COVID-19 pandemic has thrown at us, As a result, the 2022 AGM meeting was held via zoom and there was no in person meeting and all voting was held in advance.

We moved through the formal requirements of the meeting, with Bryanne Tywoniuk & Don Scheer acting as motioner and seconder which involved the appointment of Colby Steckly Chartered Accountants as Auditor for 2022 and the results of the Residents elected to the Board of Directors for the 2022/2023 year of operations.

We received sufficient proxies to individually elect these nominees to serve as Directors on the Larch Homeowners Association Board of Directors:

  1. Bryanne Tywoniuk
  2. Tyler Zukiwsky
  3. Don Scheer
  4. Emily Milner
  5. Chris Wilkinson


We would like to thank and acknowledge the governance and the commitment from our volunteer resident Directors during the 2021/2022 year, and look forward to working with the elected directors during the upcoming year.

We provided several ways to vote in advance of the meeting including by email and mail. Specific instructions were included in the Larch HOA AGM Package that were mailed to all residents. They are also posted Below

2022 Notice & Info

2022 AGM Package

If you would like more information please don’t hesitate in reaching out to


The Larch Park Homeowners Association’s Board of Directors would like to invite all Larch Park residents to a fun community party on Tuesday August 30, 2022 at 5pm.

(The Event will be hosted at May Link Northwest)

This will be a fun event to end the summer and a last hooray before fall! It will be an opportunity to meet with your neighbors, eat some food, and enjoy some entertainment that will be provided.

Please register Here if you are planning to attend.

Please note that this is an event for Larch Park Residents in good standing only. Proof of address is required. Tickets will be available for food and attendance.

We look forward to the event and seeing our neighbors in the community!