Larch HOA Community Survey Results November 2021

Larch HOA Community Survey Results

Thank you to all our residents who participated,  your input is very valuable for our community! We had a great Response and wanted to share the results

Please click on the link for the results;

Larch HOA Survey results Dec, 2021

We also wanted to provide some information to the comments in the survey below,

  1. We are adding Christmas lights To the community in December 2021
  2. Winter Planters have been completed & delivered
  3. The city is responsible for Traffic concerns and any complaints need to be directed to 311
  4. Approved Board Meeting Minutes are added to the website once approved by the Board.
  5. Landscaping Responsibilities are here
  6. Any Landscaping that the City of Edmonton is responsible for should be directed to 311.
  7. With any questions or concerns, or if you are unsure of the Landscaping responsibilities, Please don’t hesitate to contact 

The Larch HOA Board




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You live in an environmentally intelligent community created to:

> Complement local ecosystems.

> Celebrate views, architecture, and dynamic streetscapes.

> Be walkable, diverse and connected to nature.