2022 Community Maintenance

Magenta Progreen have been awarded the maintenance contract for the 2022 Season.


The HOA areas will be maintained regularly However, from time-to-time there may be an area that is overlooked. If you come across an area identified under the HOA responsibilities in need of attention, please contact triona@cosgravemanagement.com


The City of Edmonton Parks department role is to maintain, groom and address residents’ concerns and enquiries regarding the parks, green spaces, playgrounds and pathways within Larch.  Please contact the City Of Edmonton directly for the correct updates or to report any areas of concern to 311 or on the 311 app. Please see their website for more info.


The maintenance responsibilities of the HOA & The City of Edmonton are available on the website. Neighbourhood Maintenance: Who is Responsible? (larchparkhoa.ca)

General Enquiries: Email

Communications: Email

Events: Email

Homeowners Association Fees: Email.

You live in an environmentally intelligent community created to:

> Complement local ecosystems.

> Celebrate views, architecture, and dynamic streetscapes.

> Be walkable, diverse and connected to nature.