LHOA 2023 AGM-Results

The Board hosted the 2023 AGM on May 11, 2023 at The Edge Games Room, thank you to the all the residents who attended on the evening.

Your newly elected 2023/2024 Resident Board of Directors, are as follows:

  1. Tyler Zukiwsky – President
  2. Don Scheer – Vice President
  3. Chris Wilkinson – Vice President
  4. Trevor Houstra – Vice President
  5. Heather Davies – Secretary
  6. Chad Smith – Treasurer 


We would like to thank and acknowledge the governance and the commitment from our volunteer resident Directors during the 2022/2023 year and look forward to working with the elected directors during the ongoing development of the Larch Community

If you would like more information or become part of the resident board of Directors please don’t hesitate in reaching out to Tríona Cosgrave directly via email at triona@cosgravemanagement.com

2023 Larch AGM Package & Info 

2023 AGM Package

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You live in an environmentally intelligent community created to:

> Complement local ecosystems.

> Celebrate views, architecture, and dynamic streetscapes.

> Be walkable, diverse and connected to nature.