Help create a welcoming landscape across the entire community, a habitat where people, plants, birds and butterflies flourish. The purpose of the Guidelines that follow is to encourage thinking beyond property lines.


Species that thrive naturally create a welcoming landscape.

Larch Sanctuary is an important wildlife corridor, protected by Edmonton’s first Conservation Easement. Mactaggart Sanctuary is another valuable natural area just south of the community. To the west are Rabbit Hill and Magrath Parks. We live in a great location.

For this reason especially, we strongly encourage landscaping with native species, plants that grow in local ecosystems. They are hardier, more drought tolerant and require less water.  Refer to downloadable PDFs below for more information.  Especially note the restricted species, many of which are poisonous or invasive.

Larch Park Approved Species List

Larch Park Use with Caution List

Larch Park Restricted Species List

Larch Park Alternative Flowers+Grasses


To minimize light pollution and energy consumption, exterior lights shall be subtle.  They should be restricted to entrance doors, porches and outdoor patios. Let your neighbours enjoy the stars.

Accessory Structures

Locate large toys, like trampolines, barbeque shelters and storages sheds so that they do not negatively impact views from nearby homes.  Try to integrate them with the topography of your yard. Make them blend in.  Choose and construct with materials that match your house.

Clothes Lines

Exterior clothes lines are permitted in side and rear yards.  Again, try to design and locate them to minimize visibility.

Neighbourhood Maintenance

There is a whole page dedicated to who is responsible to care for what areas of our community. Visit it here.

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You live in an environmentally intelligent community created to:

> Complement local ecosystems.

> Celebrate views, architecture, and dynamic streetscapes.

> Be walkable, diverse and connected to nature.