2020 Audited Financial Statements

Colby Steckly was appointed by the Board of Directors to complete the 2020 Audited financials and they have just been completed.  The Financials Can be viewed HERE, and they will be mailed in the 2021 AGM package. Questions on The financial statements will be reviewed at the 2021 AGM , but if you have any […]

2021 Annual Membership Fees are now due

Larch  Homeowners Association 2021 Annual Membership Fees are now due. Membership is mandatory and cannot be opted out of. Fees are for the maintenance of the amenities the HOA are responsible for please refer to the map for further information HERE The 2021 Notice HERE Includes a breakdown of operating costs for the 2021 year. Residents […]

2021 Community Maintenance Update

Magenta ProGreen has been awarded the contract to maintain Larch Park for the 2021 Season. They provided a great service in 2020 and the Board is confident they will ensure the community is maintained to the high standard that the residents of Larch are accustomed to. The HOA maintenance areas and descriptions are located HERE and will […]