Pay HOA Fees

At the link below, you’ll find an online platform to use to easily and securely pay your annual fees.

The login-access only service also allows you to see your full property profile, including its ownership history.

If you are a new Larch Park homeowner, or have lost your username and password contact Triona Cosgrave,, to arrange access.

Ivrnet Central Link

Online Fee Payment Instructions

Easily and securely pay annual fees online, and over the phone by credit card; all you need is the access code and invoice number as outlined on your renewal statement.

The numbers posted above are an example only. Please refer to the codes on your unique renewal notice.

To get started, go to from any internet browser. This link will also be listed on your renewal statement. You will be asked to enter your invoice number and access code.

The numbers posted above are an example only. Please refer to the codes on your unique renewal notice.

Click Submit

You will then be directed to a short multi-step process to confirm payment amount, update contact information, accept waiver(s), and enter payment details. At the final step, click Proceed with entering credit card information.

Please note: a 3% convenience fee will be added to your credit card payment.

Telepay Fee Payment Instructions

The Larch Park Homeowners Association has also implemented a new way to pay for your annual encumbrance fee. Telepay is a fully secure and PCI-compliant method for paying by credit card over the phone, through auto-attendant.

To get started, have your invoice and credit card ready, and dial 587-635-0488. Follow the prompts given by the auto-attendant to complete your payment.

For more information, or instruction on how to use these new systems, please call the office at (780) 945-2816.

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