Neighbourhood Maintenance: Who is Responsible?

Community Residents

Larch residents are required by law to care for boulevard, alley and driveway crossings adjacent to their property line. Click here to read the City of Edmonton bylaw .

Larch Park Homeowner’s Association

The HOA is responsible for maintaining neighbourhood improvements and amenities, like the orchard, found throughout the community.

If you notice landscaping maintenance issues in any of the Larch HOA areas, please email with a picture and a detailed description of the location.

Here, if you are interested, is a Larch Park Homeowners Manual prepared by IBI Group.

Builders and the City

Builders maintain any spaces under construction. The City of Edmonton maintains all remaining areas in the community. Contact them directly to discuss their areas of responsibility, either by dialling 311 or by using the 311 Edmonton app on your phone.


Here is a map showing the amenities for which different parties are responsible.

  • Yellow: City of Edmonton
  • Orange: Larch Park HOA
  • Blue: Landmark
  • Green: Carrington

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You live in an environmentally intelligent community created to:

> Complement local ecosystems.

> Celebrate views, architecture, and dynamic streetscapes.

> Be walkable, diverse and connected to nature.